Lawrence Frank Gets a Coach of the Year Vote … from Doc Rivers

by January 15, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Of course, being a coach himself, Rivers doesn’t have any kind of say in the Coach of the Year voting, but if he did, the Nets’ bench boss would be one of his top choices.

The Nets, who at 19-20 are holding down the seventh seed – the Eastern Conference, ladies and germs! – are faring a lot better this season than most had anticipated, and according to the C’s coach, that has a lot to do with Lawrence Frank.

Quoth the Star-Ledger:

“The Nets are one of the good stories in our league this year,” Rivers said. “Lawrence — if you had a vote for Coach of the Year, he’s got to be in the conversation.

What they’ve done is … he’s changed the system. They’ve gone to a lot of dribble-weave stuff, which they hadn’t done. It’s what Lawrence saw in their team — having Vince (Carter) and Devin, having a big in (Brook) Lopez — it fits their personnel. And it’s a complete change from what they’ve done in the past with the Princeton stuff.

“So to me, it’s a lot of Devin — but it’s a lot of Lawrence as well. He has to be in the argument.”

Shortly thereafter, Rivers’s team went out and destroyed the Frank-led Nets by 32 points.

So, what do you guys think, should Lawrence Frank be “in the conversation” for COY?