LeBron James: Catching Michael Jordan a ‘Personal Goal’

by September 27, 2016

The “ghost” of Michael Jordan remains very much on LeBron James’ mind.

Heading into his 14th NBA season, 31-year-old James is thinking about his legacy, and has one very clear goal: to be considered the G.O.A.T. when it’s all said and done.

The three-time world champ says being the best there is should be everyone’s motivation.

Per the AP:

Jordan’s spirit has consumed James and continually fueled him. His desire to match the Bulls legend, who won six championships, shouldn’t be viewed as anything unusual. He feels everyone should yearn to reach their potential — and beyond. […] “If you work for any company or you work for any designer or anywhere, you’re like, ‘Oh, I aspire to be that guy because he’s done it right.’ He’s the greatest and that’s who you look at,” he said. “So that’s always been my personal goal, to use the motivation he gave me as a kid and I’ll use it as motivation now as well that I want to get to where he is. That’s never changed. People kind of wanted to turn it into a conversation, but that’s my personal goal and that’s where I land at.”

At 31, he sees the end of his career for the first time. […] “Yeah,” he said. “My class is next.”

James entered the league along with Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, close friends he has hinted at playing with before hanging it up. For now, they are becoming some of the game’s elder statesmen, a fact accented by a larger patch of gray in James’ beard. […] “We’re next up in line,” he said. “We’ve given the game all we can give. We’re the next crew, so it definitely makes you reflect on everything and you don’t take anything for granted. I never do, but in my career I’ve always been like, ‘Man, this is an unbelievable moment I’ve been put in.’ I try to give as much as I can. But we on deck.”

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