LeBron James Dismisses Tracking Data That He’s Slowing Down

by May 22, 2018

According to the NBA’s tracking data, which keeps tabs on the movement of every player, LeBron James is the slowest dude on the floor in the Eastern Conference Finals.

James pooh-poohed out of hand that his average speed during the first three games of the series was clocked at 3.4 MPH.

LeBron has mastered the art of resting during games throughout the season, but given the 33-year-old’s absurdly-high production level, how fast he moves isn’t very relevant.

Per The Athletic (via FTW):

“That’s the dumbest [expletive] I’ve ever heard,” James told The Athletic after his 44 points evened this series at two games each. “That tracking [expletive] can kiss my ass. The slowest guy? Get out of here.”

James then offered a suggestion…

“Tell them to track how tired I am after the game, track that [expletive],” James said. “I’m No. 1 in the NBA on how tired I am after the game.”