LeBron James Honoring Gianna Bryant With No. 2 All-Star Jersey

by February 03, 2020

LeBron James chose for the team he’s captaining in this month’s NBA All-Star Game to wear No. 2 jerseys, honoring the memory of Kobe Bryant‘s daughter Gianna.

James had his own five-year-old daughter in mind when he made the pick.

Bron says the Los Angeles Lakers are slowly regaining their championship focus following the tragic death of Bryant and eight others in a helicopter crash last week.

Per The LA Times:

“Today was the start of a new week,” James said. “We got a great workout, great practice today. We continue to focus on what needs to be done to continue to win ball games and get better and be as great as we can be. So it was a good day for us today.”

During the past week, the Lakers experienced something together that no one outside their locker room could understand. Their bond, already strong, grew tighter through the experience.

“There is no way any individual can do it on their own,” James said. “The week that we had. The week that we’ve all had. You have to lean on somebody in order to gain strength. That’s the only reason we’re all able to get through it together.”

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