LeBron James Starts 30k-10K-10K Club

LeBron James has accomplished something no other player has ever achieved after becoming the first and only member of the 30k/10k/10k club, an exclusive party of one he started after dishing out the 10,000th assist of his career to Carmelo Anthony.

“To now sit alone at a statistical category in this league that I’ve really modeled my game after being able to score, rebound and assist,” James said per ESPN. “I sit alone at a stat is pretty like — I’d say ‘cool,’ but it doesn’t quite make sense to me.”

To accomplish a career triple-double in career totals is crazy. To have done so with the weight of expectations The King entered the League with as an 18-year-old is even crazier.

He’s knocking on the door to becoming the all-time leading scorer in NBA history. He’s won four titles, four Finals MVPs, and four regular-season MVPs. The kid from Akron has also been named to 17 All-NBA teams, six All-Defensive teams, and 18 All-Star games. As Ohio’s favorite son, perhaps ever, James put the accomplishment into perspective postgame with assembled media.

“I get lost for words anytime things like this are happening to me because of where I come from,” he said. “I automatically start thinking to my hometown of Akron [Ohio] and my upbringing and where I come from and the dreams that I had of being in this league and playing at the highest level.”

The only thing that could damper James’ mood is that the Lakers (29-38) lost to the Suns, 140-11. He finished the blowout loss with 31 points, seven rebounds, and six assists. They look to get back on track against the visiting Raptors on Monday.