LeBron James: ‘That’s Why I Wanted JaVale to Be Part of This’

JaVale McGee‘s wholly unexpected career turnaround has been a pleasant surprise, and LeBron James says he’s thrilled to have the big fella on his team.

McGee, 30, has thrived while patrolling the paint for the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

JaVale insists all he ever needed was a chance to showcase his skills, and now is aiming to become an All-Star, average a double-double and lead the League in blocked shots.

Per the AP:

“I played against him in the last two NBA Finals and I wanted him on this team because I know what he brings,” said James, who lobbied the Lakers to get McGee. “It’s his energy, his energy level, his ability at the rim and his ability to protect the rim. If you don’t have that on your team, you’re not going to have much, man. You need to have people with a high IQ, which he’s got. That’s why I wanted JaVale to be part of this.”

He’s living the life that few in the NBA get to experience. He’s teamed up with the best players of this generation — Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, LeBron James. He’s won two championships, part of Golden State’s back-to-back titles over the last two seasons. And now he’s the starting center for the Los Angeles Lakers, getting a chance to play big minutes and put up numbers for the first time in nearly a decade.

“We’re having a blast,” McGee said. “And when we start figuring it out, you’re going to see a team that’s having so much fun.”

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