LeBron James Wants All-Star Rosters Expanded to Avoid Snubs

by January 25, 2013

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

There are only 24 spots available on the two NBA All-Star rosters, and every year, fans and media complain about those who they feel were snubbed.

This season, names like Stephen Curry, Marc Gasol, Jamal Crawford, Brook Lopez, Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings, and even JR Smith are being mentioned as those who deserve to play in the big game next month.

LeBron James has a fairly simple solution to resolve the issue: add three All-Star spots per conference. While congratulating his buddies that made it, and lamenting those who weren’t invited, James proposed expanding the All-Star field to 30.

Per LBJ’s Twitter:

Congrats the all the All-Stars this year! Well deserved and especially S/O to the 1st timers! Don’t air ball that 1st shot. Hahaha.

Always believe there should be 15 on both rosters so there’s no snubs. #East- B.Jennings, J Smooth, PP #West- S.Curry, J.Crawford, M.Gasol.

The NBA occasionally takes steps to make sure the most deserving players take part in the mid-season showcase — the center position was eliminated on All-Star ballots this season, for instance.

LeBron James’ proposal makes sense, and the League would be wise to strongly consider it going forward.