LeBron Wasn’t Very Nice to His Mom Last Night

by Marcel Mutoni

For a brief moment last night, LeBron James’s intensity got the best of him, and he used some not-so-nice language when addressing his mother.

Gloria James made the mistake of (loudly) coming to her son’s defense when he got tangled up with Paul Pierce, leading to James having to remind her of her role in the matter.

”Even though that is my mother, you can’t have fans going after players like that,” James said.

”The commissioner doesn’t care if it is your mother. I can’t afford her not to be at every last one of my games. I told her to sit down in language I shouldn’t have used. Thank God [it] wasn’t Mother’s Day.”

I’m telling you, kids these days. *Sigh*

Another person LeBron James was more than a little rude to last night, is Kevin Garnett. That’s now twice that LBJ has added you to his personal collection of posters, Kevin. Had enough yet?