Line Of The Night — G-Force, Crash and Multiplicity

by November 03, 2008

by Shannon Booher

Line Of The Night:

Gerald Wallace — 34 points, 9 boards, 3 assists, 3 blocks, 2 steals

Gerald Wallace and GreatnessNice line for Wallace, as he led the Bobcats to a win in their home opener against the Miami Heat, who, by the way, may be the early candidate for worst defensive team in the League. You know your D is bad when Wallace’s normally scary J turns wet. However, what may be even more foreboding, is the Brown Ultimatum brewing in the Queen City. Larry Brown. Shannon Brown. Andre Brown. MJ’s camel brown blazer. Beware.

Worst Of The Night:

Jamal Crawford — 4 assists, 1 point on 0-6 shooting

Oh no.

Beast Of The Night:

Drew Gooden — 20 boards, 7 points, 3 blocks, 2 assists

And you thought we were talking about the baldy/sideburns/upside down fire flames beard look! The truly special aspect of this Grizzlies/Bulls game was Derrick Rose, R.O.Y. but not beast? Hmmmmthough. Kid is ridic. It’s about to be a unanimous R.O.Y. situation.

Contraction Club Of The Night:

OKC, 77 points, Saturday vs. Houston

So we lied. We have now DVRed and watched at least portions of two OKC games, and that definitely refutes bottom 4 League Pass status. The fact is, the Kevin Durant intrigue is still there. Games like this won’t help though, and hearing the name “Thunder” is still annoying. Cornball. However, on Sunday against the T-Wolves, when they secured their first franchise win, Durant may have discovered a true P-N-C, in Russell Westbrook. That does help.

Boston Celtics, 79 points, Saturday vs. Indiana
Ah, yes. Now we start to see the anticipated championship hangover. This is perhaps an early sign that the Ceatles will not be the same regular season juggernaut of last year. Not saying they won’t be there when it matters this spring, but that No. 1 seed may be worth gunning for by the East’s common folk.

Clip Joint, 79 points, Saturday vs. Utah

Ugh. As if to immediately prove all the cynics right, B-Diddy and Marcus Camby are already missing games and the Clippers are a mess. Please fellas, L.A. needs a hoops alternative. Ralph Lawler deserves better.

6th Man Of The Night:

James Posey — 15 points, 6 boards, 4 steals, 2 assists

That’s why they signed him. In one of the first “Finals Preview” type games of the season, the Hornets took down the Cavs 104-92, on Saturday. The Hornets stars were major, but it was the Posey Show in the fourth quarter, as he hit clutch shots and helped limit Bron to 15 points on 40 percent shooting. His march to Robert Horry status has begun.

D-League presentsMarbury in G-State? Let’s make it happen. Crazy loves crazy…Speaking of crazy, Mike Beasley loves the jumpshot. Is he the modern Glenn Robinson?…Oh, and speaking of crazy, when Shawn Marion left Phoenix, did he steal the souls of Raja Bell and Leandro Barbosa? Or are those guys the basketball equivalent of the Steve Spurrier-coached Florida QBs of the 90s–good in a specific system but straight pedestrian outside of it?… Maybe we’re crazy, but what more does Ramon Sessions have to do to beat out Luke Ridnour for the starting job?…The Nets organization is definitely not crazy for re-uniting the Czar and Marv on their local telecasts…And back to crazy. Coach Adelman, sir, Yao and McGrady are still in the game with under two minutes and a double-digit lead and no sign of life from the Thunder? My leg, my back, my leg and my back…