Line Of The Night — Reggie At His Best

by November 14, 2008

Bron-tasticby Shannon Booher

Line Of The Night:

The TNT production truck for the Denver/Cleveland game.

As the third quarter began in last night’s game, a miracle of miracles occurred–Reggie Miller’s mic was cut off! It was short-lived, and the words of the Czar were also lost in the collateral damage, but it was a glorious time nonetheless. Praise Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Jah, Pac and the Ruler Zig Zag Zig Allah.

Near Fat Lever Of The Night:

LeBron James — 22 points, 11 assists, 8 boards, 3 steals

But it was all about the D, son. Word is that at halftime, Bron was walking around singing: “Give me a ‘Lo lockdown, a ‘Lo lockdown, gimme a ‘Lo lock down, you looooose”. And that’s what happened. Life was very difficult for Melo in the second half and the Cavs got a rare (for the Melo/Bron Era) win over the Nuggets.

Near Beast Of The Night:

Erick Dampier — 18 boards, 16 points, 3 blocks, 1 assist, 1 steal

Nice little stat line from Damp, but the ship be sinking in Dallas, as they lost to the Chi and fell to 2-6. FREE GERALD GREEN!

Andris Biedrins — 19 boards, 17 points, 2 assists, 1 steal, 1 block

Biedrins has been the highlight of an otherwise bleak season for G-State. They lost this one to the Pistons, but your boy is starting to look like a nice all-around player. What they really need to do is go ahead and ship Al Harrington so they can add another legit guy to their rotation.

Azubuike brings it!Eat Your Breakfast Of The Night:

Hey Jason Maxiell — Have some of this AZUBUIKE BACON! EAT YOUR BREAKFAST, SON! Courtesy of Head Chef Kelenna Azubuike.

NBA-Tinged Lyric Of The Night:

“‘Cause I was running game like Larry to a Bird who could score a lot of points while she dribbles on my balls ’cause she go hard for the green like Celtics”

That’s from 88-Keys’ “Ho’ Is Short For Honey” off his The Death Of Adam album. It’s a solid album, but the theme/storyline he tried to go with does not add much, and probably detracts. “Stay Up” feat. Kanye is the joint, though.

Matt Barnes, Rafter Alston and Steve Nash suspended for their roles in Wednesday night’s dust up. Nash? All he did was get abused twice by McGradles… Best ticket package around league? Detroit’s five-game “Fiverson Package”. Get it? Awesome… That was a garbage call/ejection on Kenyon. Pure reputation. Where’s the support Kenny and Chuck? What did Kenyon do, exactly, on the last play? Pure flop… OMG, if Will Bynum had completed that dunk on Turiaf… Leandro Barbosa’s mother passed, and he will miss several games while he travels to Brazil. Keep your head up, playa…