Links: Best NBA Song Ever?

by February 03, 2011

by Lang Whitaker | @langwhitaker

OK, a bunch of random stuff to get to today. New SLAM cover coming tomorrow.

• I thought of about a dozen ways to intro this, but I think it’s probably just better to post it and let you enjoy it:

It’s funny because I have a really vague memory of a rap song about Dominique Wilkins being around when I was a kid, but I was too young to remember much about it other than the “D-O-M-I-N-I-Q-U-E” refrain. Then yesterday my friend Scott sent me a link on The Facebook to the song above, the 1985 classic, “Dominique (Got To Be An All-Star)” by G-Mann, whoever that is. So dope. 1985 ruled.

• Regarding yesterday’s column and the list of guys who deserve All-Star reserve consideration…the Trail Blazers have mounted a campaign to promote LaMarcus Aldridge, while the T-Wolves sent out cologne to promote Kevin Love and the Warriors sent out wine to promote Monta Ellis. For the record, I didn’t receive any of these things, so my picks were completely untainted; actually, the only All-Star voting swag that came my way were posters of Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay via the Memphis Grizzlies.

This right here is what the internet should be used for: came up with an ingenious, interactive page, on which you can watch every dunk from every NBA dunk contest ever. You can see video of each year and each score, and the whole thing is just awesome. Great work.

• Also, the internet should probably have more movie reviews from Charles Barkley. Here’s The Chuckster reviewing “The Fighter.” (Spoiler alert: He says it’s “Not Turrible.”)

• The Puppy Bowl starting line-ups have been announced. Looks like another strong year. My early money for MVP has to be on no. 14, Little Red.

• We’ve talking for a few weeks about all the weird things happening in the animal world. I guess we should call the situation “developing.” In a zoo in England, a gorilla has started walking around on two legs.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The animals are getting ready for something. For what, I don’t know. If that gorilla opens a twitter account, it’s on.

• Meanwhile, humans aren’t so dumb. Scientists have finally made an invisibility cloak. So far they can only make one big enough to hide a paper clip. But still.

• Knicks fans don’t play.

• Finally, Linkstigator Rob Zimmerman writes with an interesting note…

Hi Lang,

If Kobe and Shaq keep on scoring at their current season averages of 25 and 10 points per game respectively (and play every regular season game until the end of next season), Shaq will finish as the leading career scorer between the two when he (most likely) retires at the end of next year. He would have 29,792 points, Kobe would have 29,638. That’s a difference of only 154 points. But if Shaq keeps missing games at his current rate (already 10 this season), Kobe is more than likely to overtake Shaq while Shaq is still playing! Both players say that they only play for championships, but come on!