Links: Finals Diary Day 1

by June 05, 2008

by Lang Whitaker

And welcome to Boston, for Game One of the 2008 NBA Finals. That’s right, Ben and I are in Beantown. Why they call it that, I have no idea. I thought I’d recognize Boston, considering I recently watched the entire John Adams mini-series on HBO, but nope, nothing. Boston sure has changed a lot in the last 250 years.

Last night back in NYC, I was committed to going to an event with Wifey. Even though I would have much preferred to chill on the couch, with the Finals taking me on the road for the next two weeks, I had to man up, to take one for the team. So off we went to this launch party. We’d been there for about 20 minutes, when suddenly Wifey said, Who is that guy? I turned and saw a rather large man with short blond hair wearing a nice suit come walking in. I looked closely and noticed it was Tito Ortiz. And right behind him was Jenna Jameson. Or as I told Wifey, I have no idea who that woman is. Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

Ben and I left NYC around noon and got here in Boston by early afternoon. Checked into the hotel and found out that the internet wasn’t working. Awesome! Ben and I flipped on the TV. Ben had the Weather Channel on and there were two female weatherpersons on the screen, a black lady and a white lady. And according to the graphic on the screen, the white woman was named Samantha Mohr, and the black lady was named Samantha Mohr Brown. I assume that was a typo. Ben decided to go to the business center to check his email. While he was gone, the wireless internet magically sprang to life and started working in the room. I texted Ben and he came back up and reported that in the business center the internet was working at a crawl and that he’d had to pay $10 using his credit card, then he couldn’t receive a receipt. As I pointed out, they definitely gave him the business.

Anyway, we’re ready to go for the game tonight. Ben asked me if I wrote a prediction yesterday, and I said I was pretty sure I wrote that I thought the Lakers were winning it. Looking back, I was kind of vague. So here’s my pick: Lakers in 5.

I’ll be back tonight to live-blog the game. See ya then…