Links: Grammy Wrap

by Lang Whitaker

I was going to do the annual Links with photos from the Grammy Awards, but after watching the entire show last night I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. After all, the Grammy’s are usually heavy on the female tip, and I can only make so many Mike Miller jokes. But in the interest of continuity, I will give it a go…

• Good to see Oliver Miller make a rare public appearance.

• I felt bad for John Legend, who was reduced to playing the piano for Mike Miller’s solo number.

• Earlier today in the office I mentioned that Kanye West reminds me of Damon Jones, how they both constantly try to draw attention to themselves, how they love the spotlight, how they made their names backing up more famous artists. Khalid said this was an “outrageous” statement, that Kanye has made great albums and people actually care what he’s up to. That’s debatable, I said.

• She ain’t no teenager anymore.

• Everyone was surprised when Denzel Washington walked away with the album of the year trophy.

My man.

• Knowles The Lesser made an appearance. Afterwards, Rod Thorn traded her to Memphis.

• At this point, even Wyclef is embarrassed to perform with Wyclef.

• I don’t know about you, but I was terribly disappointed when Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova were shut out of an award.

• At least Donyell Marshall showed up.

• “Hey, good to see you, too! A kiss? OK, um, don’t really want you to touch me…er, ok, great!”

• She’s 15. Just saying.

• She’s not 15.

• Was I the only one who spent the entire Tina Turner performance just praying she wouldn’t break her hip? She’s 68 years old!

• And speaking of Tina, didn’t Beyonce’s face look a little…different?

• The Clippers allowed Dan Dickau to represent their organization.

• “Psst, you didn’t really win album of the year!”

• “And in closing, we’d again like to thank everyone for attending NBA All-Star Weekend 2008! See you next year in Phoenix!”