Links: I Think…

by Lang Whitaker

Some quick thoughts, with apologies to Peter King…

• I think the Pistons are going to win the Eastern Conference. They’ve got more all-around talent, depth and experience than Boston. Conversely, they’ve also got Flip Saunders coaching. The Celtics are going to post an amazing record in the regular season. But I think the Pistons are going to take them in the Playoffs.

• And I think if the Celts can basically have three great players and a few other pretty good players and roll to a 27-3 record to start the season, maybe it’s time to start talking about contraction.

• I think Penelope Cruz and her sister are gross. And, weirdly, I sort of like it.

• I think I was totally wrong about the Lakers this season. I thought they’d keep on keeping on, maybe win a few more games than last year, but somehow all those guys who were supposed to be complementary players all improved at the exact same time.

• I think the Bulls could bring back Phil Jackson to coach the team and they still won’t be much better, until they make some changes to their roster.

• I think the Hawks are definitely making the Playoffs this season.

• I think if I had to pick an All-NBA first team today, I’d go with…
PG: Chris Paul
SG: Kobe
SF: LeBron
C: Yao

• I think I could care less who wins the caucuses in Iowa, but I’ll still probably watch live coverage for a few hours tonight on TV.

• I think I won’t be surprised if Isiah Thomas signs…wait for it…Charles Oakley(!) pretty soon. Seriously. I’m just saying…