Links: KG to the Red Sox?

by August 02, 2007

by Lang Whitaker

Kevin Garnett threw out the first pitch at last night’s Red Sox/Orioles game in Boston, a nice way for the new guy to meet his new city’s fans (or at least the ridiculously rich ones who can afford Red Sox tickets). Seeing KG on the field in his Red Sox garb, a memory was triggered from when I interviewed KG last summer. Maybe we should have known he wanted to go to Boston all along?

ME: What’s your favorite team in a sport other than basketball?

KG: My favorite team…in a sport…other than basketball? I love the Red Sox. That’s my favorite baseball hat, that’s my favorite team. I don’t know, even when they wasn’t winning, when the Rocket was there, I’ve always gravitated toward the Red Sox.

ME: You grew up in South Carolina, I’m surprised you’re not a Braves guy.

KG: Well I am, I am, but my favorite team, my favorite hat to wear is the Boston Red Sox. I love Ortiz, I love Manny. But I grew up Avery, Smoltz…you know the lineup!

ME: Dale Murphy?

KG: (KG cracks up) Dale Murphy! I was just about to say Dale Murphy!

ME: Bob Horner?

KG: Yeah! All them! I think about, damn…I grew up a Braves fan.

ME: Well, it’s disappointing to me, as a Braves fan, to hear you saying the Red Sox…

KG: (laughing) I’m just telling you, I’m just telling…

ME: No, I’m just telling you…

KG: Because you know what I am? I appreciate a single athlete who works hard. I appreciate talent: Moss, TO, Manny Ramirez, Ortiz, Torii Hunter is my guy, Culpepper, Donovan, Chauncey, Mac, TD, Gilbert, Raul, Deco, Zizou, Theirry Henry, Beckham. I appreciate Michelle Wie, Serena. I appreciate talented players who make other people better. All the people I just named make other people better.