Links: NBA Friday

by Lang Whitaker

Some of you Linkstigators might remember the name of Linkstigator Joel Kimmel. Joel is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, who once sent along this great Gilbert Arenas picture he’d created.

Over on his site, Joel has started something he’s calling NBA Friday, in which he draws a photo of a different NBA player each Friday. Last week he did Pau Gasol, and two weeks ago it was Jermaine O’Neal. (There’s a ton of drawings over there on his blog already. The Adam Morrison one is haunting.)

So, starting this week, SLAMonline and The Links are teaming up with Joel. Each Friday we’ll post his latest drawing, and in the comments section below you guys will be able to weigh in on which player Joel should draw for next week.

This week’s athlete is Chris Paul from the N’awlins Hornets. As Joel said in the email he sent to me, “I wanted to show Chris Paul standing over the city of New Orleans, the city being rebuilt with scaffolding surrounding ‘New Orleans’ on Paul’s jersey. I wanted to show how the Hornets being back in New Orleans this season will hopefully contribute to the community and the re-development of the city.”

Great stuff, Joel.

Next week Joel’s going to illustrate a player from the Minnesota Timberwolves. Your input is welcome below…