Links: Odds and Ends…

by April 09, 2008

by Lang Whitaker

So I was all set to write today about my Hawks clinching their Playoff spot…but it didn’t happen. And I’m crushed. We’re still in it, but we need a few wins here and there. So my head’s not in the game today. Still, here’s a few links to keep you busy today…

• From now on, SLAM staffers will only use Kanye West’s travel site to book our trips. It can’t be worse than the way Expedia screwed us over getting to New Orleans for All-Star.

• One random thought…if the Seattle team moves to Oklahoma, will they stay in the Northwest Division? Because Oklahoma City is definitely not in the northwest, of America or the NBA. But if they were placed in the Southwest Division, where they belong geographically, it would create an imbalance, because then the Northwest would have four teams and the Southwest would have six.

Seems to me the thing to do would be to move Memphis to the Eastern Conference, but then who goes to the West? Milwaukee?

Logically, something should change. Practically, however, that may be impossible.

(Mark Cuban already has a name picked out if the Sonics go to OKC: The Dust Bowl Division.)

• My favorite news story of the week: The BETcats are going to sell naming rights to their arena to Time Warner Cable, which is perfect. Hopefully they’ll have the same level of terrible customer service that Time Warner Cable has in New York City.

• Brendan Haywood can’t pick a fight, but he can pick a bracket.

• Carlos Boozer says Kobe should be the MVP over Chris Paul. No mention of Boozer and Kobe having the same agent, however.

• And according to the LA Times, Kobe and Chris Paul are neck and neck for the award, although they only polled 6 people who actually have votes.

• Headline of the Day: “I was given a young man’s heart…and started craving beer and Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

• I like MJD over at Yahoo sports, and I enjoyed his column about the worst NBA team playing the best college team, but I liked it a lot better one year ago when I wrote pretty much the exact same column for, complete with position by position breakdowns and everything. What do they say about great minds?

• Maybe he should have said his name was Dick Vitale.

• Finally, the video of the day…this had me laughing out loud…I don’t know what’s better, the woman falling through and disappearing or the man coming after her and falling through a different hole…