Links: SLAM Podcast Show 2

by Lang Whitaker

And you thought the beat slowed down! We’re back with the SLAM Podcast, Show 2. After last week’s show with special guests David Stern and Stephon Marbury, I knew I was gonna have my hands full trying to top that guest line-up. But I made some calls and our producer, me, made some calls and we put together an entertaining show.

Batting lead-off is TNT and’s David Aldridge, probably the most plugged-in NBA reporter out there, to talk about yesterday’s trade deadline passing and how he sees the rest of the season shaking out. Our second guest is Olympiakos swingman Josh Childress, who talks about his experience over in Athens and the things he misses most, and finally we have OKC Thunder forward and Linkstigator Nick Collison, who is going to be the official TV critic of the SLAM Podcast.

I’m still working on the audio quality, but considering the budget I’m working with ($0) I’m happy with it. I’m also working on getting this on the iTunes Store — hopefully by next week it will be live over there — but for now you can download the file to your computer by right-clicking the link below and choosing “Save Link As…” on a Mac, or choosing whatever PC’s ask you to call it.

Or, if you want to listen through your web browser and let it ride in the background, you can listen on our convenient flash player below.


Big thanks to all our guests, and I’m already grinding on next week’s show…have a good weekend everyone…later…