Links: Taking A Dump

by September 12, 2008

by Lang Whitaker

Fri-Day! Yes! And it don’t stop: I’m actually doing a post that will go up tomorrow with the latest player in our Top 50 list, so check back in over the weekend for that.

I think from now on here on The Links, we’re going to have the occasional “Dump Day.” (Get your minds out of the gutters.) Meaning I’m just going to run all the links I’ve uncovered from the week prior that may or may not have anything to do with basketball, but that should be fun and entertaining.

Back in the day, before we had things like commenters on SLAMonline, you guys used to send me a lot of links via email. These days, not so much. So…anytime you guys have funny links or videos or whatever, send them my way. Aiight?

• First off, the tremendously entertaining people behind Wizznutzz have dropped a couple of new t-shirts at their online store which are pretty great, including this Obama throwback and an ABA Dunk Contest joint. I’ve got a XXL Obama on the way so I can check it for fit, but I’m totally going to drop some cash there. I guess I should’ve ordered the Jahidi White thong while it was in stock.

The ‘Nutzz also emailed and asked, “More posts on JaVale McGee aka ‘The Vale of Cashmere’ please!”

I’m not sure what to make of that.

• While we’re talking about Obama, a long time ago, someone told me to never opine about politics when writing about sports or music or whatever, because half the people reading will always disagree with you. So I’m no going to tell you who to vote for, I’m not telling you who I’m voting for, and I’m not going to make an issue about this over and over. You vote for the candidate who most closely agrees with your views, and I’ll do the same.

But there is one thing about the two candidates that seems crystal clear to me: Obama has a better-organized campaign. I don’t know if that means he’d be a better president, but I do think it speaks to his ability to delegate and surround himself with competent people.

For instance, content aside, what Obama and the Dems pulled off in Colorado — having the convention indoors for three nights and then moving the entire thing outdoors for the final night and inviting three times as many people, and the whole thing going off without a hitch — is the most impressive thing I’ve seen throughout the campaign. I’ve been to enough big NBA events to know how difficult planning anything of that size can be, much less pulling it off. (And at the same time, I thought it was pretty telling that the Republicans couldn’t even get the correct Power Point slide on the screen behind McCain during the most important part of his speech.)

To me that speaks volumes about both candidates.

In other electoral news, I was reading the NY Post on the subway this morning and came across this story about Gov. Sarah Palin’s performance in an interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson. According to the Post, Palin had a “gaffe-free session, a performance that could take the edge off Democratic attacks that she is not up to the job.”

Then I saw this video clip…

Wait, “gaffe-free?” If that was gaffe-free, Isiah Thomas should’ve been executive of the year. Once again, the New York Post reminds us why you can’t trust the liberal media!

Seriously, it doesn’t bother me so much that she doesn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is. (I follow politics and I don’t know exactly what it is, either. Then again, I’m not running for Vice President). What bothers me is how she tries to lie her way out of it instead of just admitting she has no idea what it is.

• And hey, it’s not like Biden’s perfect, either. We could either have the first MILF vice-president or the first vice president with visible hair plugs. Interesting dilemma.

• Oh, we heard that the latest NBA player to get a Chinese shoe deal is…Baron Davis! A Reebok source confirmed that Baron is gone, and we hear that B-Diddy will now rock Li Ning kicks. I’m still waiting for my Damon Jones signature Li Nings!

• I was on the elevator here at the SLAM Dome the other day, and the little screen in the elevator flashed a news story about the awarding of some sort of prize that goes to “great innovators and thinkers.”

This got me wondering, Why can’t I be considered a great thinker? Because I totally am, I promise. In fact, let’s just go ahead and switch me now, from the “thinker” column to the “great thinker” column. I’m an amazing thinker. Really.

• I saw this via Gawker, the first video in a series of shorts from “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane.

Cracked me up.

• We have this Separated At Birth courtesy of Linkstigator Garrett, and starring Michael Phelps and former NBA center Gheorge Muresan. I think it’s pretty on-point. During the Olympics, I was rolling with the Phelps/Eli Manning lookalike, but this one might be better.

• Apple announced the new iPods this week, and I went out and spent my birthday cash on the new iPod Touch, which is just phenomenal. They tried to sell me a two-year warranty along with it, but I figured one year from now Apple will probably have some crazy new product on the market. Here’s an interesting timeline of what you get for your money over the years when buying an iPod.

• As I plug here from time to time, the New Yorker is an amazing magazine, always beautifully-written, and I think it’s the best-edited magazine out there. For an example, check out this recent feature on Alec Baldwin. Not only do they get unbelievable access, but after reading the story you feel like you sorta understand Baldwin. (OK, so he seems like a weirdo, but still…you understand him, right?) That kind of writing is something none of us in the media do well enough on a consistent basis. Except in the New Yorker. This story’s a good one to print out and read on the…couch.

• Since most of the NBA players have been on good behavior this summer, let’s turn to the NFL and check out former Falcons running back Jamal Anderson getting his drink on. My favorite picture is the one with Jamal out on the bar with the kid doing the Dirty Bird behind him.

• I don’t care what you say, Monkey King is the greatest NBA nickname of all time.

• And finally, here’s something to occupy your weekend. They nearly lost me at Hannah Storm.