Links: Who needs Mr. Ping Ping?

by February 12, 2008

by Lang Whitaker

During the summer, when things were slow and we were gasping for content, I stumbled over the (short) story of a man named He Ping Ping. That’s Mr. Ping Ping to you. Mr. Ping Ping drove The Links for a few days there, as I promised to take him shopping at Baby Gap if he could come to America. Alas, he never made it to America, or at least the SLAM Dome. Then the NBA season began and we forgot all about him.

Well, who needs Mr. Ping Ping, because today I stumbled across the story of the world’s smallest bodybuilder, a man named Aditya “Romeo” Dev. (In my book, or at least in my blog, that’s enough to qualify him as the real L’il Romeo.)

According to this story, Li’l Romeo stands about 33 inches tall and lifts weights daily in his hometown in India. He also hopes to transition into a career in entertainment, which I am in full support of.

I just googled our new Li’l Romeo and couldn’t find anything else about him other than the previously-linked story. If you guys find anything else, let me know…