Links: Wire This!

by Lang Whitaker

And it don’t stop. Mutoni is off taking a long Canadian vacation, doing whatever Canadians do when they have a few days off (grow their beards, drink syrup, stockpile point guards, etc.). So I volunteered to sit in for him for a few days and keep my eyes on The Wire. The NBA might be gone fishing, but I’m still here, selling bait.

Which, at the moment, is silent. James Posey found a team willing to give him a four-year contract, and Boobie Gibson will continue to suckle the Cav in Cleveland. Brandon Jennings found a holiday in Rome (where he could be playing with stalwarts such as Allan Ray and a man who’s name we haven’t heard enough lately: Gregor Fucka! He’s a bad motha…hush your mouth!)

Otherwise, could be a slow few days around here. I’m watching, eyes peeled, but if something comes up today or you have a great link, basketball or otherwise, drop me a line.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this link. These are my people. Nobody better say nothin’ bad about my folk in the south again.

Oh, and to get you off on the right foot this morning, here’s my favorite underrated OutKast song/video…