Links: Yi Ready

by Lang Whitaker

Two quick Hawks rumors for ya…more stuff coming later…

• I do not know a lot about Yi Jianlian, but I can tell you this: If the Hawks pick third tomorrow night, do not be surprised when they make the following pick…

Yi Jianlian.

I’ve heard enough rumors out of The ATL about the Hawks liking Yi that I’m at the very least prepared for the possibility. And you should be, too. I even spoke to someone this morning who reinforced this idea.

Coincidentally (or perhaps it’s divine providence), my main man Shen, who is the senior writer for the Chinese version of SLAM, is here in the SLAM Dome today, in NYC for the Draft. Shen has seen Yi play multiple times and when we grilled Shen for info on Yi, he compared Yi to KG, though he admitted that Yi has a long way to go to reach KG’s level.

• I’m told the Hawks also have a deal in the works for the 11 pick that would be very, very cool if it happens. I can’t give details. But it’ll be dope. Think the Dirty South.

UPDATE: I guess now I can give details, since Sekou “Seiko” Smith wrote about it: The deal was Atlanta’s number 11 for Monta Ellis, from the Dirty (Mississippi). But Sekou says it ain’t happening.