Lonzo Ball Releases ‘Kylie Kuzma,’ Diss Track About Kyle Kuzma

by June 11, 2018
Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma

Lonzo Ball just released a diss track about his teammate, Kyle Kuzma.

The rookies became fast friends during their first season with the Lakers but Ball just about emptied the clip on Kuzma. See a few lyrics below.

“Who are you without ZO2s… just another dude with a bunch of tattoos.”

Usually do this shit for fun

But trust me, boy, I’m not the one

If you the bullet, I’m the gun

If you the pot, I’m cooking, son

You want smoke? You can get it

Dressing for attention 

Tryna be Russell Westbrook

You just honorable mention 

I’ll kill you with these sentences

To me, you’re just a peasant 

Triple B’s is independent 

Kuzmania can’t reinvent it

That’s just part of the track, in which Zo went in about Kuz’s hometown, his style and his game on the court.

Hit this link right here to listen to the song in iTunes.

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