Luka Doncic: Luke Walton ‘Said Something I Didn’t Like About Me’

by February 13, 2020

Kings head coach Luke Walton bitterly joked that Luka Doncic should sign an autograph for one of the referees in Wednesday night’s tilt.

Doncic and Walton exchanged words, and the 20-year-old NBA All-Star told the media he didn’t appreciate what had been said.

Luka finished with 33 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists in his return to action from an ankle injury, leading the Dallas Mavericks past visiting Sacramento 130-111.

Per The Sac Bee:

It was not immediately clear what led to the exchange, but Doncic pointed at Walton, saying: “Don’t do that.” Doncic later stared Walton down after draining a 3-pointer midway through the fourth quarter.

“He said something that I didn’t like about me,” Doncic told FSN Southwest after the game.

Sean Cunningham of ABC 10 posted video from NBC Sports California that appeared to show Walton saying: “Hey, Luka, do me a favor. Give him your autograph after the game. He’s a fan. He’s a fan of yours.”

“I have all the respect in the world for him,” Walton said. “He got what he wanted tonight, wherever he wanted, so I wasn’t saying anything to him. I don’t know if he thought I said something to him, but he had a great game, he’s a great player and he led his team to victory. … I wouldn’t have said anything. What can you say?”

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