lunchtime blogs

by Sam Rubenstein

YaySports NBA! is good at photoshop. So is the Need4sheed.

So, how about the return of The Chappelle Show the other night. I laughed at times, sat there quietly at times. No falling out of my seat with stomach and face pains from laughing so hard like the past. Overall it didn’t totally suck. Bomani Jones, who sometimes writes columns for Page 2 at the follower has a good take on the episode on his blog.

Bring on your silly little insignificant jinx! I’m nervous about the meaning of “Captain Red Ass.”

LiThis is about a week old, but Golden State of Mind emailed me because they want to get the word out about the revolution that is Yi Jian Lian.

Trade rumors are irresponsible. They mess with a man’s livelihood and family, toy with fan emotions, and waste thousands of pages of newspapers. That being said, I love them. Here are some unsubstantiated whispers about a six team megaswap. Some of the blogs that have it are Rockets and rumors, Sactown Royalty, and True Hoop of course. Six teams? That’s a lot of communication.

It’s the off-season. The perfect time to rank the skill level of point guards.

Man, even established veteran All-Stars are following LeBron’s business lead. Paul Pierce is signing an extension with Boston.