Magic Johnson Says Kawhi Leonard Wants Him to Attend Lakers Meeting

by June 28, 2019

Kawhi Leonard wants Magic Johnson in the room when he meets with the Los Angeles Lakers’ braintrust in the coming days, according to the Hall of Famer.

The NBA, however, squashed the idea as soon as it got wind of it.

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has not asked Johnson—who abruptly resigned from his post as president of basketball ops—to take part in any free agency meetings, which he wouldn’t be allowed to do anyway under League rules.


“A friend of mine called and says Kawhi wants to meet with you,” Johnson told ESPN on Friday. “I said no problem. I’m available if that’s what this man wants.”

Because the league has specifically told the Lakers that Magic can’t be a formal part of the free-agency process, the Lakers have made no attempt to engage Johnson formally, according to league sources.

However, there has been regular communication between Johnson and the Lakers about how he can be helpful to them informally, as he no longer works for the team and is free to have any relationships with current players.

“Everyone forgets. [Leonard] played with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili,” Johnson said. “He’s played with multiple superstars. He’s been one of the guys on a team like that.”

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