Marbury Foils Real Madrid Hoax

by December 09, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

In the latest batsh*t crazy story involving Stephon Marbury, a couple of clowns apparently tried to fool him into believing they were wealthy Swiss bankers, with connections to the Real Madrid basketball club.

The NY Post has the sordid details:

The alleged investors, who identified themselves to The Post through phone calls and e-mails as working for Union Bank Suisse, gave their names and claimed they were trying to sign him to a multi-million dollar sponsorship contract that can be parlayed into a deal with the Real Madrid basketball club.

Marbury said he returned calls and e-mails from the investors Saturday. “They’re phonies, it’s a hoax,” said Marbury.

Hmm…A hoax you say? Methinks thinks something far more sinister was at play here.

Clearly, the Knicks are so desperate to get rid of Stephon that they’ll try just about anything. For shame, Donnie Walsh. For shame.