Marc Iavaroni’s Job Is Safe

by March 28, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Yesterday, a rumor about Larry Brown possibly taking over the coaching duties in Memphis came out of left field. And by “out of left field”, I mean one of the NYC gossip rags. Turns out, as do many of these things, that it was pretty baseless.

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace says that Marc Iavaroni has nothing to worry about.

“I categorically deny that,” Wallace said. “There’s no heir apparent.”

“We support Marc and the job he’s done so far,” Wallace said. “It’s been a tough season. But Marc and the staff have done an excellent job keeping this team together. There’s been improvement in young players. Our effort is there every night. It’s been an upbeat, relatively together team for a squad that’s been in a tough situation as far as winning ball games.”

Relax, Iavaroni! You don’t have to pull your kids out of private school just yet.

Good to see that upper management in Memphis is willing to admit that they basically screwed over Iavaroni and his staff this season. Because really, it’s not like there’s a coach out there who could’ve thrived after not only losing their best player in a fire sale, but getting Kwame Brown in return.