Marcin Gortat ‘Glad’ His Career Nearly Over

Marcin Gortat knows his days in the NBA are numbered—the Wizards’ center says he’s got about two-to-three years left in the League before he calls it quits.

Gortat is an old dog unwilling to learn any new tricks.

The 33-year-old was assured by the front-office in Washington that he wasn’t on the trading block over the summer.

Per the WaPo:

At some point during the summer, Gortat would have a discussion with the Wizards and learn the team had no plans on trading him. Months later, Gortat now describes his exit interview as “a little misunderstanding” and says people should not have read into his comments that he wanted out.

“I’m just a veteran who knows that [I’m going to be] 34 years old,” Gortat said, explaining the rationale behind his statements in May. “Behind me, I have a center who’s younger and the team is going in a certain direction. I’m the oldest guy on the team, and I’m probably the one piece that might be traded. So [I was] just getting myself ready for a situation if I’m going to be traded.

“But then when the management called me and said: ‘We’re not trading you. You’re not going anywhere.’ That whole conversation died,” Gortat said. “I mean, I’m here. I’m a Washington Wizard.”

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