Mark Cuban Buys Fandom

by Marcel Mutoni

When you’ve got more money than God, I suppose this seems like a reasonable purchase: Cubes is basically attempting to buy the services of a die-hard Clipper fan (yes, apparently such a creature exists.)

Darrell Bailey (AKA Clipper Darrell), a car salesman by day and Clipper maniac by night, has a meeting with the Mavs’ billionaire owner to see if he can be of use to Dallas.

“He offered me a job in Dallas, to do the same thing I do for the Clippers,” said Bailey. “He came up to me at the (Jan. 12) game and told me that he loved what I do. That shocked me.”

I hope this becomes a League-wide trend. Can you imagine the hilarity that would ensue if owners were fighting over some of the yahoos in the stands?

Someone seriously needs to buy Spike Lee; no one that committed should have to pay so much money to watch the Knicks.