Mark Cuban Is Part of the Starbury Fan Club

by November 17, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Prior to his Mavs ending their ugly five-game skid against a resilient Knick team in overtime last night, Mark Cuban made sure to greet Stephon Marbury (who, as per usual, did not take part in the night’s festivities.) Afterwards, Cuban professed his appreciation of the exiled guard.

From Newsday:

“I’m a Stephon Marbury fan,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said.

“We have an organization that we think we’ve put in place that we think has baby-sitting skills,” he said. “And that’s not a reference to any specific player. But different ages, different maturity levels, different skill sets – you’ve got to put the organization around them and hopefully, it puts them in a position to succeed. Some guys are higher-profile than others, and unless we think it’s going to be a negative, we’re willing to take a chance.”

Well, isn’t that simply wonderful? Cubes thinks his players are babies that need to be watched over until their parents come and pick them up after work.

When asked if teams around the L would be interested in Marbury if/when the Knicks buy him out, Cuban said “absolutely”. Ten games into an already quite frustrating season for the Mavs, is the owner ready to shake things up that much? Unlikely, but with Cuban, you just never know.