Mark Cuban Wants Ref Punished for Missing Blatant Travel

Longtime referee critic Mark Cuban is calling for something to be done about Ken Mauer swallowing his whistle after a blatant traveling violation.

The outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner tuned in for Tuesday night’s LA Clippers-Brooklyn Nets game, and was flabbergasted that Bojan Bogdanovic got away with such an obvious infraction.

Cuban wants the NBA to send a strong message by making an example out of Mauer.


“Suspend him, demote him, make him ref a game in the D-League,” Cuban said during his pregame workout Wednesday night.


“That call? At the beginning of the game? Right in front of him?” Cuban said. “That wasn’t an error in judgment. Refs are going to miss things because there’s other things going on, but there was nothing else going on. It was the first or second play of the game, and he was standing right there.”


Why would Cuban care so much about a missed call in the first minute of a Nets-Clippers game? […] “Because the quality of officiating matters in this game, you know?” Cuban said. “Standings are impacted. Mistakes happen. Lots of calls are hard, but not all of them. Some of them are just lack of focus and attention, and that’s the one thing you should be able to avoid at all times, particularly from such an experienced ref.”

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