Mark Jackson Quit His Job on the Air

by April 17, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Talk about going out in style: Mark Jackson, Marv Albert’s popular right-hand man during Nets games on the YES Network, shocked not just viewers but the Nets themselves when he announced that last night’s 11-point regular season finale loss to the Celtics would be the last game he would call for the network.

“This was going to be it, anyway [on YES]. With a wife and four kids in Los Angeles, every game is a road game.”

According to a source, YES had no idea Jackson reached a decision and was stunned he announced the decision on the air.

Man, that’s like a VP waiting until the annual shareholders’ meeting to announce that it’s the last time he’ll be showing up to the office. Nicely done, Mark.

With the rumor having come out about two weeks ago that Jackson was a top candidate for either the GM or head coaching job in the Knicks organization, this will only serve to fuel speculation. In NY, the countdown to Zeke’s highly anticipated firing has already begun, and it seems as though we’re moving closer and closer to finding a replacement.