Marko Jaric Is in Big Trouble

by Marcel Mutoni

Update: reports that no charges will be filed against Marko Jaric for an assault that allegedly took place three days before his wedding last month.

You know, for a guy who plays for a gawd-awful team, and isn’t exactly a superstar himself, Marko Jaric has been in the news quite a bit this year.

This time, however, it’s got nothing to do with his lovely wife, Adriana Lima.

According to, Jaric is the mysterious Grizzly under investigation for sexual assault:

A Philadelphia woman has accused Memphis Grizzlies guard Marko Jaric of sexual assault, multiple sources familiar with the investigation told The incident allegedly occurred in March when the Grizzlies were in Philadelphia to play the 76ers.

This will make dinner conversation at the Jaric-Lima household more than a tad awkward.