Media to Blame for Knicks Beatdown?

by Marcel Mutoni

The Knicks can’t get anything right. This is not news. What happened last night, though, might just take the cake.

The Pacers came into the Garden and stomped the Knicks by twenty-seven points. A reason they beat the Knicks so badly – other than New York’s inability to play good basketball, of course – might’ve been an a media-created rumor that Eddy Curry had guaranteed a Knick victory.

A reporter who missed a deathly boring Curry interview was told jokingly that Curry had guaranteed a victory over the Pacers. Though the group of journalists laughed, somebody present apparently told the Pacers that Curry had guaranteed a win. And they apparently used it as motivation.

“It can go either way in this league,” Jermaine O’Neal said. “The team can come out and play very well or you can guarantee and your team don’t play well and then you kind of look (foolish) a little bit.”

No wonder the Knicks hate the beat writers.

In other Knicks news: A crestfallen Isiah called his team heartless after the latest humiliating home loss. Can they just forfeit the rest of the season so we don’t have to deal with them anymore? Please?!