Michael Beasley’s In Trouble Too, Fined $50,000

by September 18, 2008

by Ryne Nelson

At the very least, there was a sneaking suspicion that Mike Beasley was involved in the incident at the Rookie Transition Program. Beasley’s name was purposely left out of reports…until now.

This from the NBA press release:

Michael Beasley of the Miami Heat has been fined $50,000 for his involvement in an incident at the league’s Rookie Transition Program earlier this month, and for his initial failure to cooperate with a league investigation of the matter, the NBA announced today.

Beasley was involved in the same incident for which Miami’s Mario Chalmers and Memphis’ Darrell Arthur were previously fined.

Still, something doesn’t wash….

The NBA booted both Chalmers and Arthur from the seminar but allowed Beasley to remain. However, two weeks later, the League doles-out an even harsher fine – more than double the $20,000 imposed on Chalmers and Arthur.

The only ‘facts’ we now have are Beasley was in the room, and he tried not to snitch on his guys.

But you don’t get fined 50 stacks for that, right?