Michael Porter Jr: Nuggets Must ‘Get More Players Involved’ To Beat Clippers

After the Nuggets’ 85-96 Game 4 loss on Wednesday, Michael Porter Jr said that Denver needs to get more players involved in order to defeat the Clippers.

“We kept going to [Nikola Jokic] and [Jamal Murray]. I think they’re two amazing players, so you can never get mad at that,” Porter Jr said. “But I just think to beat that team, we got to get more players involved. We got to move the ball a little bit better. We can’t be predictable against that team.”

The 22-year-old rookie scored 15 points on 5-6 shooting in the first half of Game 4, but went only 0-2 in the second half.

When asked about his scoreless second half, Porter Jr said the coaching staff didn’t run any plays for him. “I didn’t touch the ball,” he said. “[The Clippers] didn’t do anything differently (defending me).”

The Nuggets face elimination in Game 5 on Friday.