Mike Bibby Traded To Atlanta

by Russ Bengtson

There’s nothing David Stern likes more than trades during All-Star Weekend. Really.

The Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks have agreed on principle (uh-oh!) to a really awful trade that will see four Hawks sent West in return for point guard Mike Bibby. Unless, of course, Tyronn Lue finds a way to block the deal. The best part of the deal for Atlanta is that they didn’t have to give up any of their top 27 players. The best part of the deal for Sacramento is, uh—you got Shelden Williams, y’all?

In related news, tonight’s All-Star PlayStation Skills Challenge will be replaced by an MMA fight between LeBron James and Danny Ferry. Also, Joe Johnson? Don’t expect any passes from LeBron on Sunday, except for ones of the baseball variety when you’re not looking.

P.S. The NBA—where getting traded from a 23-28 lottery team to a 21-28 playoff team* happens.

* The Hawks aren’t quite in the playoffs at the moment, but does anyone seriously believe they’ll finish behind the Sixers?