Monta Ellis Was Injured On A Moped

by Ryne Nelson

Now we know why Monta Ellis was afraid to admit how he injured his ankle.

This from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Monta Ellis was riding a moped when he severely injured his left ankle last month in his native Jackson, Miss., sources close to the Warriors guard told The Chronicle.


A possible punishment for Ellis is a heavy fine or suspension. It’s also possible the Warriors will let Ellis off the hook completely, chalking the incident up to the youngster’s maturation process.

The Warriors have known the cause of Monta’s injury for well over two weeks. They presumably held their cards close to the vest to evaluate the situation.

The organization took its time to see how Monta’s recovering, but now management has to make the right basketball decision.

They might just ask Monta to turn-in his man card next week.

(H/T Ball Don’t Lie)