Monta Ellis/Ray Allen Swap?

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

It’s Trade Talk season, so you should expect these types of rumors for the next couple of weeks. My apologies in advance.

The latest out of Beantown is that the Golden State Warriors want to trade Monta Ellis, and are looking at Ray Allen (and his expiring deal) as a possible option. For now, however, it sounds like a far-fetched dream on both sides of the equation.

From CSN New England:

While the Celtics have maintained repeatedly that they have no intentions of moving any of their core guys between now and the Feb. 18 trading deadline — and I believe ’em on this one — multiple league sources confirmed today that the Golden State Warriors are giving some thought to putting together a trade package that would involve Monta Ellis going to Boston in exchange for Allen.

The Warriors see rookie Stephen Curry as the face of the franchise moving forward. One league source said the Warriors believe that Curry won’t develop at the rate they would like as long as Ellis is around.

Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations, has talked to a number of teams about a number of players recently. But it doesn’t appear that this is a deal he has given any serious thought to considering. Ainge has said repeatedly that he wants to see how the Celtics, as they are currently constructed, play together when relatively healthy. Boston has yet to play a game this season with an entirely healthy roster.

For what it’s worth, Ray Allen says he’d love to stay in Boston. And members of the media in the Bay Area aren’t buying the trade talk at all.

Still, it’s a story worth keeping an eye on. Just don’t lose any sleep over it.