NBA 07 is going too far

By Sam Rubenstein

There’s this site called, and they post videos of video games from time to time. They have a little teaser for the new NBA 07 game and it might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen this month, not counting that offensive pass interference call on Tim Carter in the Manning Bowl.

I am not using the word ridiculous as in a slang way to say something is “good.” This is old school ridiculous, like how is this possible? SONY, you make a great product, but this is just… Here, check out the trailer.

It’s on this site, but you might have to click “save as” depending what kind of computer you’re using.

The off-court part of the game, called “The Life” is not just building up your dorm room or mansion and dealing with endorsments a la EA Sports titles or the fun GM thing in the NBA 2K series where you have to meet with your players and answer their questions. This is like a bad basketball movie come to life, and your player is the Damon Wayans character from Celtic Pride. If you can’t see the trailer, here is a summary: They show your player playing basketball, being interviewed by a beat writer type, going on a talk show, meeting with an agent, playing with your son, yelling and fighting, and oh yeah visiting your son in the hospital. What?!?

Seriously, could you video game creators clean up the actual “basketball gameplay” first? Or am I just being too close-minded, and people really want to virtually live the life like this, even though it is totally R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S?

You know, Grand Theft NBA could still happen…