NBA Finals Game 5 Live Blog

by June 16, 2013

by Maurice Bobb / @ReeseReport

It ain’t Cinco de Mayo, but it’s Cinco de NBA Finals and your boy is back in the mix in the Alamo City for the continued saga that is the San Antonio Spurs versus the Miami Heat for the ultimate bragging rights: the NBA title.

Game 4 was one for nostalgia, where Dwyane Wade turned back the clock and put up a signature postseason performance that reminded hoops fans of “The Flash” circa 2006, when the Marquette alum took over games singlehandedly, literally taking the Larry O’Brien from the grips of the Dallas Mavs over the stretch of four games.  Bum knee?  What bum knee?  D Wade and his knees went off for 32 points, including two on his patented Euro-step, swipe-the-ball-across-your-face-then-slam-it-home move.

LeBron James “added” 33 points and Chris Bosh chipped in with 20 points and 13 boards.  That’s 85 points from the Heatles’ Big 3.  When they play like that, there’s really no beating them.

If the Spurs want to bounce back, they’ll need Manu Ginobili to stop playing like Manure.  This has to be his worst postseason play ever.  I got the the arena early and watched Manu put up some shots.  Even in shoot around, he wasn’t shooting like himself.  He must have missed half of his shots.  Something is way off for the Argentinian.  If he can’t get right–no matter how well Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and the three-point shooting dynamic duo of Danny Green and Gary Neal are playing–the Spurs are goin’ down.

As for Miami, D Wade got in a full practice session pre-game.  His shot looks great.  Better than that, though, he had his two sons out there with him, throwing him the ball as his hoisted up shot after shot.

Whoever wins tonight takes a commanding 3-2 lead in the series and puts the other team in a must win situation for Game 6.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads that are rockin’ with us tonight.  Let the games begin!

First Quarter

– The Heat are going with the same starting five of James, Wade, Chalmers, Miller and Bosh.

– Funny thing about people refusing to put on the Spurs tees on their seats when the jumbotron finds them, is putting it on would be a SIGNIFICANT upgrade to what they have on…

– In an effort to get Manu going early, Pop put him in the starting lineup.  Manu, Tony Parker, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard and Tim Duncan are the starting five.

– Good seeing Hootie sing the national anthem, but where the hell is the Blowfish?

– Spurs win the tipoff.  Manu hit his first shot.  Sign of the times?

– Manu has it going early with the dimes.

– LeBron in freight train mode.

– That missed Alley was kinda hot.

– Nice dunk in the Duncan.  Spurs up 11-6.

– They’ve shown that Manu three a few times.  His foot was on the line.  Surprised they didn’t change that.

– Wade with 6 already.

– Coach Pop looks smart for starting Manu.

– They changed Manu’s three to a two.  Score now 15-12 instead of 16-12.

– Danny Green shoots an airball for his first three point attempt.

– LeBron ties it 17-17 with a three ball of his own.

– That was Tony Parker’s first point of the night.

– Jesus Shuttlesworth in the game. Not to be confused with Yeezus Shuttlesworth.

– Place goes nuts on TP’s scoop shot off the backboard.  Spurs up 21-17 with 3:46 left in the first.  Miami to talk it over.

– Tony Parker givin’ the Heat a “Hammy Check”

– Spurs have a 10 point lead now.

– Tony Parker tellin’ the Heat to hurry up with his damn croissants!

– The Spurs came to play tonight.  They go up 29-17 with 59 ticks left.

– Spurs end the first quarter on a heater.  Up 32-19.

Second Quarter

– Battier with the nice corner trey.

– Tiago Splitter stuffs it to keep from getting blocked.

– Leonard with the tear drop.  All the Spurs are learning from TP.

– Bosh on the boards.  Spurs take a timeout.

– Mariachi band has some pipes.

– Danny Green gets that three to go.  Spurs up 15 now.

– Green heat check!

– So they like Michael Jackson songs in AT&T Center.  That’s all the DJ plays.

– Green is heatin’ up!

– Nice fast break dunk by ‘Bron.  Heat down 11 now.

– Big time four point play by Ray Allen.

– Heat cut the lead down to 5.

– Nice J by Bron.  Heat within 5 again.

– Green can’t check Bron.  Pop needs to make an adjustment.

– Battier nearly full body tackles Manu on the three point attempt.  Manu to shoot three FTs.

– Bush League Battier?

– Spurs end the half up 61-52.

Hate that I’m at the game.  I’ll have to monitor Twitter to see what Jay-Z has up his sleeve for halftime.

Third Quarter

– Bron with the first points of the second half.

– Just like that, the Heat are only down four.

– The Spurs needed that three.

– Danny Green breaks the NBA Finals three point record with 23 and counting…

– Nice pass to Wade for the deuce over Timmy D.

– For those like me that missed the halftime Jay-Z commercial, here it is:

– Helluva defensive sequence by the Spurs.

– Nice use of the mix match by Bosh for two.  Miami closes it to four.

– Green with ANOTHER three for the game.

– Now THIS is the Manu the Spurs needed.  He has 15 points and 8 assists.

– That was Euro gold by Manu.

– The Heat are falling apart.  Spurs lead back up to double digits.

– Bron has a quiet 22 points so far.

– Well what do you know, Manu is NOT dead…

– Crowd is chanting Man-U, Man-U, Man-U…

Fourth Quarter

That was ugly ball movement by the Spurs.

– Manu has 22 points. He is ballin’ right now!

– The Spurs are up by 14 now.

– That three by Leonard really creates a gap.  Heat down 17.

– Timmy with the putback.  Spurs by 19.

– They make some really cheesy promo vids here in Spurs land.

– Bosh has 4 fouls.  Could mean trouble.

– Ray Allen stops the bleeding with a corner trey.

– Just like that, Heat close a 20 point lead to 13.

– TP with the airball tear drop.  Hardly ever see that…

– Manu is really back from the dead tonight.  He must’ve heard all the taunts.

– TP has 21 points now.

– The Spurs seem to be sustaining the Heat’s run in the waning minutes.  Press row is starting to file out.

– Miami within 11 now on the Ray Allen trey.

– That was a crucial offensive call right there.  Ray was certain to hit that open three.

– Manu trying to do too much on that play.  LeBron is holding TP.

– Pop is yelling “turnovers” right now, incessantly.

– That three by Green put the Spurs back up 13 with 1:06 left. I think the fat lady can start warming up…

– Did I tell you or did I tell you? I said if Manu brought his A game, the Spurs would win.

– James Jones cold off the bench with a three.

– That’s it, folks. Spurs take Game 5 114-104 for a commanding 3-2 lead in the series. See you in Miami!