A Graphic Designer Photoshopped New Haircuts on NBA Legends and the Internet Is Loving It

by July 31, 2017
Kobe Bryant

Imagine if Reggie Miller rocked a high-top fade, or if Shaq actually had hair and Dirk had dreads. Well, thanks to graphic designer Tyson Beck, you can. Beck photoshopped current NBA hairstyles—think the many looks of Iman Shumpert and Derrick Williams, for example–onto some current and former stars and the results are fresher than you’d think.

Check out the gallery above to see Beck’s work, which gives Kobe, Vince Carter, KG and other Hall-of-Famers a new and very clean look. Beck has made a lot of cool NBA graphics over the years but this might be his most ambitious venture yet.

Beck released his Old Faces Fresh Cuts series on Instagram, where he shares his edits. What other hoop legends deserve a hair upgrade?

Courtesy of Tyson Beck

Ray Allen

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