NBA Players React to Heat-Pacers Game 5

by May 22, 2012


With the Heat-Pacers series knotted up at two, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Co. came out Tuesday night and simply dominated, running all over Indiana and finishing with a 115-83 victory. Unless you had something better to do—and, really, how could you possibly have had something better to do?—you watched the game, and if you’re like plenty of other technologically savvy people these days, you probably did so while spilling your thoughts on the ensuing action into the Twitterverse. Well, in at least one way, NBA players are just like you, because a whole bunch of them were busy doing the same damn thing at the same damn time. Roll through the gallery above to check out how a variety of pro hoopers reacted to this Game 5 blowout.