NCAA Alters “Rich Paul Rule”

The NCAA recently created requirements for agents representing prospects who are testing the draft waters. The organization mandated that these agents be required to hold a bachelor’s degree and be certified by the NBPA for at least three seasons among other criteria.

Many believe the implementation of the criteria targeted Rich Paul with some calling it the “Rich Paul Rule.” Paul, who represents Anthony Davis and Ben Simmons among other NBA players, began working with LeBron James a few years after high school and never obtained his degree. Paul address the rule a published op-ed for The Athletic

“The harmful consequences of this decision will ricochet onto others who are trying to break in,” Paul wrote via The Athletic. “Does anyone really believe a four-year degree is what separates an ethical person from a con artist?”

The NCAA altered the language in its criteria on Monday. Instead of requiring a bachelor’s degree, the criteria now reads: have a bachelor’s degree and/or are currently certified and in good standing with the NBPA.