Kevin Durant Agrees To Sign With Brooklyn Nets

Update #2, 7:22 pm: There’s a chance that the Durant signing could morph into a sign-and-trade, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reports.

Update #1, 5:00 pm: Kevin Durant plans to sign with the Brooklyn Nets, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports.

It won’t be long before Kevin Durant broadcasts his free agency decision to the world, putting to rest all the speculation about his destination. Until we find out one way or another, the Brooklyn Nets are confident that they’ll be the one to land his services.

Marc Stein of the New York Times writes that there’s an ‘undeniable confidence emanating from Brooklyn’ ahead of the superstar forward’s decision. Brooklyn has long been floated as a possible landing spot for the star tandem and with Irving’s commitment supposedly already in the bag, they’re of the belief that they’ll secure one from KD, too.

Of course nothing is final and there’s a contingent of Warriors personnel on their way to offer the former MVP a whopping $221 million offer to sign on for an additional five-years in The Bay. It is worth noting that a team having confidence they’ll add a player means little when pen gets set to paper.

As Chris Crouse lays out in our Free Agency Briefing on Durant, the Nets don’t immediately have the cap space for Irving and Durant but can get there with little skin off their backs. The first order of business for the franchise would be to renounce the rights to restricted free agent D’Angelo Russell and then trim from there.

We’ll continue to monitor the KD sweepstakes – and catch up on some sports business video’s at the man’s Instagram channel – but it’s worth noting that there’s a palpable buzz in Brooklyn.

That can either mean a major scoop or a major heartbreak is about to stun the city.