Nikola Jokic Lost ‘Around 20-25 Pounds’ This Season

by February 19, 2020

Nikola Jokic shed “around 20-25 pounds” following a disappointing start to the season.

“I was a little bit overweight,” admits the Denver Nuggets’ center

Jokic, 25, had a blast in Chicago this past weekend after earning a second NBA All-Star nod.

Per The Denver Post:

“I really enjoyed it,” Jokic said. “I enjoyed last year, I enjoyed this year. Just enjoy the moment, just enjoy being around the guys. I scored two times, I was so happy. They snubbed me for MVP award. It doesn’t matter. Next year.”

He finished with five points, two rebounds and an assist as Team LeBron prevailed in the new All-Star format.

After he scored his first basket in the third quarter — a short jumper in the lane — Jokic threw his hands up in sarcastic delight. Russell Westbrook, a frequent on-court rival, even rejoiced in the make. After another 3-pointer toward the end of the third, Jokic dropped to a knee and pumped his fist heading into a timeout.

“I wanted to do something stupid, and I think I did,” Jokic exclaimed afterward.

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