Still No Timetable For Kyrie Irving’s Return

by January 14, 2021
Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets

A possessor of one of the league’s most eclectic personalities, Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving has missed five of Brooklyn’s 13 games for personal reasons.

While there’s been no official comment from Irving’s camp, it’s been insinuated that Irving has missed games due to simply not wanting to play (which has been challenged by Nets head coach Steve Nash). SNY TV’s Thomas Dee reports that there’s a rift between Irving and the Nets’ organization over Nash’s hiring; he wanted more input on the head coach hire and wasn’t in favor of Nash.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Nash was unable to provide an update on Irving’s timeline for a return, saying that he hasn’t “has an opportunity to know any details about Kyrie’s situation” and that he’ll “rely on the front office to know more as we go.”

According to Nets insider Anthony Puccio, the franchise’s patience with Irving is growing increasingly thin, which is unfortunate for Uncle Drew because their trade for James Harden has essentially made him expendable.

After signing with Brooklyn in 2019 after stints in Boston and Cleveland that left both franchises with a sour taste in his mouth, Irving’s playing future—whether with the Nets or with the league—is in question.