Old School Friday

by Marcel Mutoni

April, 1996.

It’s a mild Sunday afternoon. Your team is in playoff contention; you’ve slept in a bit (after another long Saturday night); breakfast was pretty good; and your mind begins wandering a bit.

The always-dreadful Monday morning is mere hours away, and you’re doing all you can to avoid thinking about it. Laundry time? Nah. Do you hit the gym? Nope, too lazy. What to do, what to do? Then suddenly, in the distance, a faint noise is heard (the sound of a baseline building momentum). Slowly at first, and then in a flash, comes the explosion: DA-DADA-DA-DA-dada-da-dada-dada…!!!

There’s Sir Charles, Mailman, Reggie, Penny, Jordan, Dream, and everyone else coming alive on your TV. Monday morning has long been forgotten about; it’s all about Sunday afternoon now! The music fades, Marv Albert’s reassuring voice welcomes you inside an NBA arena, and all is well with the world.
(End Scene).

The NBA on NBC song (aka Roundball Rock)!

Best. Sports Theme. Ever.