Orlando: Spurs of the East?

by November 26, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

The Orlando Magic are, unquestionably, the second-best team in the Eastern Conference. And since the East is no longer a joke, that actually means something.

Behind Stan Van Gundy’s defensive-minded coaching, Dwight’s beastly post game, and Jameer Nelson’s floor leadership, the Magic have jumped out to a 12-3 record, and this has people getting perhaps a little too excited about this squad.

They’re drawing comparisons to the League’s gold standard, the defending champion San Antonio Spurs.:

“I guess it runs in the Van Gundy family,” Popovich said of the brothers. “Stan knows what to do defensively. He will get it done. They’re paying attention. They’re third in field-goal percentage and that’s pretty good for a young team. So come playoff time, if they’re healthy, you can look for the Magic.”


The Magic are getting closer than most to accomplishing the flattery of Spurs imitation.

I mean, sure, it’s a bit of a stretch (OK, fine, a big stretch) to compare the Magic to the Spurs, especially when you consider the fact that we’re still in November. All told, though, this Magic team is really freaking good and could very well cause some serious problems come Playoff time.

Best of all for Orlando and its fans, they’re playing so well that practically everyone has forgotten that they gave Rashard Lewis, who’s averaging 19 points and 4 boards, over $100 million this summer.